Raegan | Trinity Christian High School

This chic right here is someone I've known since she was in elementary school. Her mom was my boss while I was a student worker in the College of Media and Communications at Texas Tech University. There were days that Amy would bring Raegan into the office and we'd get to hang out and then the office hangs outs turned into babysitting and then becoming a close friend of the Boren family. I like to think I made myself an unofficial/official member of the family ;)

I have loved watching Raegan grow into this beautiful young lady! She is strong. Fierce. Funny. Outgoing. Beautiful. Loving and Caring to name just a few. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to take her Summer senior portraits and then again this Spring. She shines in front of my camera!

This Trinity Christian High School chic is graduating this May and I could not be more thrilled to see what the future holds for her! 

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